ATTENTION: Think the weight loss "executives" are REALLY telling you the secret to losing weight quickly, effortlessly, and for GOOD? Think again...

“EXPOSED: How a Cut-Throat Secret Society Extorts Millions of Dollars From an Unsuspecting Public by Perverting Weight Loss Secrets!”

Weight Loss Secrets as Seen on Google

Sick and Tired of Being Pushed Around, This Former Corporate Puppet-Turned-Whistleblower Finally Reveals the Classified Secrets That Strips Fat Completely on "Auto-Pilot"...

... And FINALLY Gives You the Toned, Sexy Body You Deserve!

From the Desk of: James Rayman


Dear Frustrated Dieter:

They don't want you to know about it... but they can't hide it any longer.


The truth is... there really IS a "secret technique" you can use to kickstart lasting, super-fast, effortless fat loss.

But I gotta warn you... it's unlike anything you've ever seen before.

In fact, this amazing secret is SO unique and cutting-edge, it...

  • Lets you eat ALL your favorite foods (yes... even chocolate and pizza!)
  • Reveals the secret to making exercise feel quick, easy and painless (you'll barely know you're doing it)!
  • Allows you to enjoy REAL food... no more choking down tofu or spending a small fortune on those disgusting "diet shakes" or "meal replacement" bars
  • Makes eating EASY again... no more obsessively counting calories, carbs, protein, fat, sugars, starch... or any other pointless numbers...
  • Gives you BACK your free time... no more sweating it out in the gym or drawing up "diet plans" when what you REALLY want is to be spending time with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Now, I know this sounds almost too good to be true... so I don't blame you if you're a little skeptical.

Heck... after all the massive lies the "weight loss gurus" have been spoon-feeding people just like you... it's completely understandable.

They keep telling you that the ONLY way you can TRULY have the slim, sexy body you want is to buy their crazy new "diet plan"... or the latest fad that's doing the rounds on late-night TV.

In reality... NOTHING could be further from the truth!

In fact, most of the re-packaged garbage that these "executives" want you to buy won't help you lose a single pound...

...because they know keeping you feeling fat and unhappy is the KEY to selling you the next massive fad... and stuffing their bank accounts with YOUR hard-earned cash.

In fact... I know this all too well... because...

I Worked "Around the Clock" To Keep You in the Dark . . . and Ensure You NEVER Uncovered the Real Truth About Weight Loss . . .

But it's not what you think...

You see... My name is James Rayman... and I used to work for some of the "big names" in the weight loss industry. In fact... it was my job to "con" millions of people into believing that my company's clients (some of who I'm sure you've heard of) had the "hidden piece" of the weight loss puzzle.

I didn't like doing this... in fact, I down-right HATED it... but I didn't feel like I had a choice.

After all... my boss had told me in no uncertain terms that if I wanted to keep my job... I would do exactly what he said.

He even told me that if he even THOUGHT I was going to "disobey" his orders... he'd throw me out on the street without so much as a "good luck"... and make sure I would NEVER work again.

But you know what REALLY made my blood boil?

Just to make my life hell... he told me the REAL secret to lose fat quickly, easily, and safely... but scared me so bad with threats I'd NEVER tell ANYONE.

After all... if anyone ever discovered the REAL secret to fat loss... he wouldn't be able to use me to suck THOUSANDS of dollars out of the wallets of innocent men and women just like you.

But if you think THAT'S bad... it gets worse... a LOT worse.

You see...

My Corporate Masters Forced Me to Use the Dirtiest, Lowest, Most Manipulative Tricks in the Book . . . Just So They Could Line Their Pockets!

"I've Lost 18 Pounds and 2 Dress Sizes!"

"Before I met Adrian I had been fighting with my weight for 25 years.

I'd tried everything. Sure, sometimes I'd lose a tiny bit of weight... but I always put all of it (and more!) back on really quickly.

When recent photographs were developed I was shocked... I was a size 18 and I looked (and felt!) awful.
But seeing Adrian changed everything for me.

From the very day I met him I lost weight... and unlike other stuff I've tried, the weight not only stayed off.. but I lost even more!

In fact, yesterday I purchased a size 14 swimming costume and its a little loose! I have just arranged to have my pants taken in by two inches!

In total Adrian has helped me lose 18 pounds... and I've never felt better

    ~ Jane, Manchester, England

I'm guessing it's no great surprise to you that someone in the "weight loss" industry was okay with lying through their teeth.

You've probably fallen for the same half-truths, deceptions, and out-and-out LIES that my old boss told masterfully.

After all... did you ever get what you were promised? What you truly deserve?

Do you have the beautiful, sexy body the opposite sex can't help but DROOL over?

Do you feel fearless and confident strolling down the beach in a bathing suit... because you know EVERYONE is wishing they looked like you?

Can you walk into ANY shop and know that no matter what you buy... it's going to "fit you like a glove"... and "show you off" in ALL the right places?

We both know the answer.

After all... if you had all of that... you wouldn't be here reading this page right now.

I have to come clean... for a long time, I helped spread those lies.

Not because I wanted to... but because I felt trapped... imprisoned... though I had no other choice.

But one day...

They Made the Huge Mistake of Pushing Me Too Far . . .
 . . .And Turned Me Into Their Worst Nightmare!

To be honest with you... I think he just liked to watch me suffer.

Why else would he go to all the trouble of calling in favors... pulling strings... and dropping bribes just to get me a job as a counselor at a "weight loss camp" for one lousy week?

Sure... his "story" was that he wanted me to go "undercover" and dig up the "dirt" on this rival business... and give him the ammunition he needed to shut the place down for good.

But this was never really about some small-time mom-and-pop business.

He just wanted to remind me "who was boss"... to prove he could make me dance like a puppet by "pulling my strings".

Big mistake.

Up till now... I'd never really understood what I was doing to people...

...But this "assignment" really opened my eyes.. and I couldn't ignore the truth any longer. As I watched the "campers" choke down bland, tasteless foods... tirelessly work themselves to the bone in the gym... and fall asleep every night exhausted... I had a realization which hit me like a sledgehammer to the stomach...

...they were putting themselves through hell for nothing.

After all, I knew the truth...

No matter how hard they worked... or how much fat they lost... they were pretty much "guaranteed" to put it right back on again... all because they didn't know the one little secret that practically guarantees effortless, lasting fat loss.

Right then and there... I made a promise.

I vowed I wouldn't be a part of this sick game any longer... that I would do whatever it took to free these people from their own personal hell.

And that's why I'm about to reveal...

The Little-Known Secret Techniques That Effortlessly Melt Fat and Transform Your Body Into a Super-Sexy, Jaw-Dropping "Work of Art" . . .

"I Actually Want to Exercise!"

""I sought Adrian's help as I had tried loads of diets that only worked whilst I was on them and then I would put it all back. I had three different sizes of clothing in my wardrobe and very little to wear.

I was initially nervous about being "hypnotized" but I found it to be deeply relaxing - Adrian really makes you feel at ease!

I just cannot believe how stress free I am now around food.

I only eat what I really enjoy and this couch potato has finally got off her butt and actually wants to exercise, even if it's just a walk to the station. I have lost nearly two dress sizes - thanks Adrian!"

    ~ Krysia, Manchester, England

So what is the "missing link" that separates the "Average Jane" and the stunning, sexy vixen that turns heads and radiates unshakable self-confidence?

Is it being born with "good genes"? Is it having access to a "special diet" or "secret exercise program" that "the common folk" don't know about?

...heck, is it just plain old hard work?

No, no, and NO!

So what is it? What makes these people so different from "the rest of us"?

Simply put... they THINK like a slim person!

It seems almost absurdly simple... but when you stop and think about it... you begin to realize just how powerful this "dirty little secret" truly is.

After all... how quickly and easily will you "drop pounds" when you ENJOY spending time on the treadmill... or when you don't even have to TRY to say "no" to that chocolate cake?

How much better will you feel about yourself when you feel that disgusting fat practically "melt away" before your eyes... when you don't have to "drag yourself" to the gym... when you no longer feel guilty or "weak" because you gave in and ate a whole block of chocolate?

How will you feel you don't have to try and "cover things up" with baggy clothes... when you're one of "those people" that ALWAYS look stunning... when your friends are so jealous of your newfound beauty and confidence that they don't even TRY to hide it?

You'd feel better than you ever have in your entire life, right?

Well, in just a moment I'm going to reveal to you EXACTLY how you can have all this... and a lot more.

But first, there's something you need to know...

Why I Begged a Modern-Day "Miracle Worker" to Join Forces With Me to Develop a Revolutionary Program That Strips Fat Almost Completely on "Auto Pilot"

I knew that if I was ever going to be able to sleep at night... I needed to "right the wrongs" I had committed...

   ...and that meant spilling every shred of "classified" information I had to give people just like you a REAL chance at weight loss success.

Secrets like...

  • Why "conventional" diet and exercise programs have failed you in the past (HINT: It's NOT your fault!)
  • The little-known secret that helps you INSTANTLY eliminate any backsliding... emotional eating... or negative feelings you have about yourself. WARNING: If you don't know this, you WILL put on more fat than you lose!
  • How the slim and sexy REALLY look at diet and exercise. Here's a tip - it's not what you think!
  • Is it okay to eat "bad" foods, and if so, when? This controversial "hot topic" is blown wide open inside this revolutionary program...
       ...And much, much more!

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As vital as these secrets were... I knew they weren't enough.

If I REALLY wanted to give people the kinds of incredible results they were hoping for... I needed something special.

Adrian Tannock

Something that would "reprogram" your ultra-powerful "subconscious mind" and transform your entire body into a super-powered fat-burning dynamo... with absolutely ZERO effort on your part.

It wasn't going to be easy.

I would need the "best of the best"... someone who had a keen insight into the little-known (but incredible powerful) workings of the subconscious mind...

...someone like Adrian Tannock.

Adrian and I slaved for HOURS to put together this "secret weapon" that unlocks your hidden fat-burning potential... allowing you to have the slim, toned body you've always dreamed of in record time.

And here it is...

Introducing the Powerful, One-of-a-Kind Program Created With a World-Class Hypnotist That Finally Unlocks Lasting Fat Loss Success . . .

"Click Here To Get The Body You've Been Thinking About"

{even if its 2AM}

"How to Think Slim" is a revolutionary fat loss solution packed full of tips, tricks, and techniques that will melt fat off of your body in record time.

2 1/2 HOURS of AUDIO!

The program contains a whopping two and a half hours of audio co-created AND spoken by Adrian Tannock... a professional hypnotherapist who has helped THOUSANDS of men and women just like you finally look and feel how they've always wanted.

But here's the best part...

This powerful, life-changing system does more than just reveal little-known techniques that shed fat in record time...

...It changes your very desires at the subconscious level... practically guaranteeing fat loss success.

After all... we all know HOW to lose weight... "eat right and exercise". And we try to put that motto into practice... we really do.

But one day we get sick of constantly denying ourselves that slice of pizza... we get tired of spending all our free time busting our humps in the gym.

So we "cheat"... just once. But then that "once" turns into "twice"... and before you know it... you're in worse shape than before you started!

But when you unleash the power of "How to Think Slim" on your life... something amazing will happen.

You'll no longer feel like eating chocolate all the time... you won't be forced to turn to food for emotional support... and you'll actually WANT to go for a run or hit the gym.

In short... "How to Think Slim" is the "missing piece" of the weight loss puzzle.

And once you have it... you'll be amazed at how quickly your body sheds fat with no stress... no "fighting" your natural eating urges... and no back-breaking effort at the gym....

...leaving you looking and feeling better than ever.

Now that you've gotten a taste of the powerful, life-changing information that's included in this one-of-a-kind program... you're pretty keen to get your hands on it, right?

I completely understand that... heck, I applaud your choice... but I want you to know EXACTLY what you're getting yourself into.

Because when you get your copy of "How to Think Slim"... you're not JUST getting the life-changing audio program.

The truth is that I am SO committed to you achieving the toned, irresistible body you want with a MINIMUM of time and effort... that I'm making you an unbeatable offer.

That's why...

If You Secure a Copy of "How to Think Slim" Today, I'm Going to Throw In These 5 Value
- Packed Bonus Gifts Absolutely FREE!

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If you're like most people... you've probably got tons of "diet and exercise" books at home...

...but you still can't figure out what the "right" way of eating and exercising is!

Eat more carbs... eat less carbs... eat good fat... don't eat fat... eat only organic food... do a lot of cardio... do lots of weight training...

All those stupid books give you a different method of eating or exercising... making you feel like no matter WHAT you do... you're going to get it wrong.

That's why I'm including these vital resources that will cut through the BS... and reveal EXACTLY what you should do to turbocharge your fat loss journey.


"The Discovery Diet - 8 Weeks to a Happier, Healthier You!"

FREE Bonus#1

I don't know about you... but I don't know how anyone could even THINK about sticking to one of those "diet plans" in your local bookstore.

Think about it... can you really eat tofu, chalky "diet shakes", whey protein, raw eggs, and all that other disgusting stuff day in and day out?

I know I can't... and I don't expect anyone else to, either.

The truth is that you CAN burn huge amounts of fat by eating delicious, satisfying foods... regardless of what the "diet gurus' want you to think.

And "The Discovery Diet" will reveal how.

Packed full of a whopping eight weeks' worth of delicious recipes and meal choices... "The Discovery Diet makes healthy eating simple, easy, and FUN.

All you have to do is choose from one of the delicious, filling choices per meal... and watch in awe as your body automatically burns fat like crazy and sends your energy levels through the roof...

...leaving you looking and feeling better than ever.


"James Rayman's 8 Week Fun and EASY Fat Busting BootCamp"

If you think melting fat off your body requires back-breaking effort... expensive gym memberships... or complicated exercise equipment...

...then it's essential you read this revolutionary exercise manual.

Inside, I'll cut through the hype, BS, and outright LIES you've been fed over the years... and give you a simple, easy-to-understand, FUN solution that will strip the fat off your body in record time.

In the "Fat Busting Bootcamp", you'll discover eight distinct exercise programs that have been painstakingly developed in order to unlock the hidden fat-burning potential of the human body... allowing you to shed fat like crazy with a minimum of time and effort.

But it gets better... much better.

Not only are these exercises fun and easy... but they don't require ANY exercise equipment at all... or even a gym membership! And they can safely and easily be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

FREE Bonus#2


"8 Week Mega Fat Loss Journal"

FREE Bonus#3

One thing that any good personal trainer will tell you is keeping track of your results is VITAL to huge fat loss success.

That's why I'm going to include my custom-made "8 Week Mega Fat Loss Journal" when you secure your copy of "How to Think Slim".

Designed specifically for use in conjunction with the "Fat Busting BootCamp" and the "Discovery Diet", the Journal will reveal exactly what information you need to take careful note of to turbo-charge your fat loss journey...

...but if you think it's one of those stupid "calorie counting books"... you couldn't be more wrong.

You see, the Journal has been designed to be both incredibly effective and super easy-to-use... allowing you to effortlessly and accurately bring yourself through to total fat loss success.

On top of all this... it contains a different motivational quote each day to help you feel good about yourself... and keep you focused on effortlessly and easily getting the sexy body you've always wanted.

As you can see... when you get your hands on "How to Think Slim"... you'll never even LOOK at another "weight loss" product ever again.

But if you think this offer is looking pretty good right now... it's about to get a whole lot better.

You see...

If You Get Your Copy of "How to Think Slim" By Midnight Tonight, I'm Going to Throw in an Extra Two Free Gifts!

I know how easy it can be to "put off" taking the all-important first step towards a slimmer, sexier, happier you...

...but I don't want ANYTHING to stop you from finally being able to enjoy the body you've always dreamed of having... and rightly deserve.

So if you secure your copy of "How to Think Slim" by midnight tonight... I'm going to throw in ANOTHER two free bonuses...

But keep in mind I can ONLY guarantee you'll get them if you place your order by midnight tonight.


"50 Dead-Simple Sitting Exercises"

FREE Bonus#4

It's a known fact that compared to a hundred years ago... our exercise rate has dropped dramatically.

But when you think about it... it's hardly surprising.

After all... more and more of us are finding ourselves chained to our desks... working longer hours... and having less and less free time to exercise and take care of ourselves.

But it's not just getting fat we have to worry about.

We're also leaving ourselves wide open to be attacked by a huge number of debilitating diseases... such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome... or hundreds of others.

But the good news is that these painful and inconvenient disorders CAN be prevented in just a few minutes a day... ...IF you know how.

"Dead Simple Sitting Exercises" reveals a whopping fifty discrete, easy exercises that you can do while working... driving... or even watching TV.

Each and every exercise will accelerate your fat loss... increase your energy... and help you prevent (or treat) debilitating conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel.

In short... it's a must for ANYONE who is having trouble finding the time to exercise.


"The Zest For Life Plan"

When I created "How to Think Slim", I didn't want to just create another "weight loss product"...

...I wanted to make people feel happier and more full of life than ever before.

That's why I'm throwing in my "Zest For Life Plan"... a revolutionary 95 page guide that will reveal a bundle of secrets you can apply to your life to feel healthier and happier.

Containing an assortment of both old and new wisdom, the Plan not only covers your physical health, but also your mental and emotional well-being.

Inside, you'll find gems of knowledge that will help you beat addictions... improve your state of mind... and generally boost your happiness and confidence levels like crazy.

But remember... I can only guarantee you'll get a copy if you secure your copy of "How to Think Slim" by midnight tonight!

FREE Bonus#5

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As you can see... there's more powerful information contained in these "bonus gifts" than there is in a whole bookstore of "weight loss" materials.

There's no doubt remaining in your mind... "How to Think Slim" will reveal the secrets to shedding fat... getting you the body you've always wanted... and improving your life in ways you can barely imagine.

There's just one more question you need answered...

"Okay James . . .  What's It Gonna Cost Me To Get My Hands On This Life-Changing System?"

I'll be honest with you... pricing this wasn't easy.

After all... I wanted to make this available to as many people as possible... but since I don't have my job anymore... I also have to put food on the table.

I mean, let's face it... this is a one-of-a-kind program that finally reveals the REAL truth about fat loss... and gives you the slim, sexy body you deserve practically on complete auto-pilot.

The truth is I could have pitched this to the ultra-rich and charged hundreds... or even thousands of dollars... and they would GLADLY have handed it over.

After all... it's hard to put a price on the complete confidence and happiness you will have when you have a slim, sexy, irresistible body... right?

But I'm not like my old boss... and I'm not doing this to get rich.

I'm doing it to liberate the people who have been fed lies from the "weight loss industry"... people who are sick and tired of feeling depressed and disgusted with the way they look.

People just like you.

So after a lot of thought... I decided to price this course at a very reasonable $47.

$47 will get you one... MAYBE two of the latest "fad diets" at your local bookstore... ONE "monthly payment" on the newest piece of exercise equipment "doing the rounds" on late-night TV...

OR... you can finally unlock your TRUE fat-burning potential... and take hold of the supermodel body... unshakable confidence... and permanent happiness you've always desired.

Heck, even just a gym membership would set you back hundreds... if not THOUSANDS of dollars... and I guarantee you it wouldn't help you get the slim, sexy body you've always wanted.

The truth is, people pay thousands of dollars to hire personal trainers... or consult with dietician's. And even then... most of them STILL can't manage to keep the fat off.

When you put things in perspective... $47 really does seem like a drop in the ocean, right?

But don't get me wrong...

I understand that no program is for everyone... and in these tough times... even $47 is an investment you can't afford to just "flush down the toilet".

We both know you've been burned before by programs that "talk big", but don't deliver... and I want you to feel absolutely, perfectly safe and secure with this investment in your future happiness.

That's why I'm offering my...

No-Questions-Asked, 8-Week
"You Can't Lose" Guarantee!

I don't want you to just LIKE "How to Think Slim"...

I want you to fall in LOVE with it.

That's why if you're unsatisfied with it for ANY REASON (or no reason at all)... just send me an email... and I'll instantly refund every cent you paid... no questions asked.

And on top of all that... I'll even let you keep the bonus gifts just for "trying it out".

Worst case scenario... you get over $100 in FREE gifts.

But I'm betting that when you see the amazing results this has not only on your waistline... but also your confidence, self-esteem, and your mood in general... I won't be able to PAY you to give it back!

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So now you understand the massive improvements you'll see in your life when you have this program... I need to ask you a very important question...

Are You Going to Give Those Scumbags   Exactly What They Want?

Don't forget...

There's nothing the "big boys" of weight loss would like more than for you to ignore this letter... and remain ignorant of the "missing link" they're hiding from you that is stopping you from finally getting what you really want.

After all... they WANT to keep you fat and unhappy... because they know you'll do anything to drop that disgusting fat... and to feel better about yourself...

...and that means you'll buy their products.

Look... I understand you may be a little skeptical about just how big the changes in your life will be when you start using "How to Think Slim".

And you know what?

I don't blame you one tiny bit.

After all... it's EXACTLY the kind of thinking the "weight loss executives" have been brainwashing you with every single day.

But I'm begging you... don't let them win!

Fight back by burning fat at breakneck speeds... by boosting your confidence and self-esteem to dizzying heights... by KNOWING that everyone in the room wishes they could look just like you.

Fight back by getting your copy of "How to Think Slim" today... unlocking your body's hidden effortless fat burning potential....

...and finally feeling good about your body... and your life.

Secure No Risk Acceptance Form


I'm sick of being ripped off, lied to, and taken advantage of...

I'm ready to fight back at the so-called "weight loss gurus" by finally uncovering the REAL truth about effortless, lightning-fast fat loss... and by finally having the body that I deserve.

I understand that when I place my order over your 128-bit secure SSL server, I will INSTANTLY receive "How to Think Slim"... a complete fat loss program with a

2 1/2 HOURS of AUDIO!

whopping two and a half hours of life-changing, easy to download MP3 audio.

Since the powerful secrets are whispered to me by a world-class hypnotherapist it will allow me to effortlessly transform my eating and exercise habits from the inside out...

...practically guaranteeing I'll get the body I've always wanted.

I also acknowledge that since I'm ordering this package before midnight tonight, I'm getting FIVE extra bonuses thrown in completely free of charge, including:

  • "The Discovery Diet - 8 Weeks to a Healthier, Happier You!"... and
  • "James Rayman's Fat Busting Bootcamp"... and
  • "The 8 Week Mega Fat Loss Journal"... and
  • "50 Dead-Simple Sitting Exercises"... plus
  • "The Zest For Life Plan"

I further understand that this program is backed by your "8 Week, No Questions Asked, Can't Lose Guarantee"... so if I don't like the program for ANY reason in the first 8 weeks, I can get a no-hassle refund straight away... and I even get to keep the bonuses as a parting gift!

In fact... I have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain... and I need to get my hands on it right now!

Order Now! Instant Download!

{even if its 2AM!}


James Rayman Signature

P.S. Don't forget... every order is fully backed by my 8 week guarantee. If you don't believe "How to Think Slim" is the best thing that's ever happened to you... simply send me a quick email and I'll refund your full purchase price... no questions asked.

P.P.S. Remember... if you secure your copy by midnight tonight, I'll throw in a whopping FIVE free bonuses that will turbo-charge your fat loss and give you a sexy, seductive body in record time!

P.P.P.S. Are you REALLY going to pass up the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to FINALLY cast aside the cloak of deception you've been forced to wear... and discover the REAL truth about effortless, lasting fat loss?

P.P.P.P.S. Your Future Depends on What You DO Today in THIS Moment,
                    NOT  What You Put Off Till Later or Tomorrow.

Don't let the so-called "weight loss executives" lead you astray any longer... download your copy of "How to Think Slim" right now, and experience a slimmer, sexier, happier you.


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